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Decentralized Science Fair (DSF23)


Welcome to the Decentralized Science Fair! First, what is DeSci? Decentralized science refers to the use of decentralized technologies to enable a more collaborative, transparent, and secure approach to conduct scientific research and sharing results. DeSci address issues related to access and ownership of scientific data and knowledge.

Telegram Chat

We are excited to invite you to join the Telegram group for the decentralized science fair! This group will serve as a platform for attendees to connect, collaborate, and share updates leading up to the event.

About the Fair

To participate in the fair, you will need to submit a decentralized science project that involves multiple parties contributing data. This can be from any branch of science such as biochemistry, botany, chemistry, computer science, economics, earth science, environmental science, mathematics, medicine, microbiology, social science, or space science.

The only constraint is that your science projects should use a distributed ledger technologies as an integral part of the project. For example the project should demonstrate how decentralized technologies have been used to facilitate collaboration, transparency, or reproducibility.

To ensure the fair is a success, we ask that all participants adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All data and methods used in your project should be open source and reproducible.
  • You should follow ethical guidelines for conducting research.
  • Timeline

  • January 5th: Start of the fair
  • Click here to see a video of the presentation describing the fair.

    Workshops are designed to provide guidance and support to participants as they work on their projects. Mentors will be available to share insights, answer questions, provide feedback and advice.

  • March 22nd 11:59pm UTC: Final Submission Deadline
  • Participants will submit their projects in a format that can be easily accessed and viewed online, such as a website, video, Jupyter notebook, or tweet thread. Projects should include a concise explanation of the research question, method, result, and conclusion.

  • March 23rd: Demo Day
  • Present your project both IRL in NYC or online, judges will evaluate the projects and select the winners.


  • 25% - Scientific Question (Scientific merit, Impact, Novelty)
  • 25% - Innovation in Scientific Process (Use of DLT, Innovation in reproducibility)
  • 50% - Execution
  • Prize Pool

    There will be three grand award prize winners.

    For all grand prize winners:

  • Cash prize from DBDAO
  • Featured presentation at the next DeSci NYC
  • Soulbound token as a proof-of-reputation
  • For all entries:

  • A limited edition DeSci special mug
  • Soulbound Token as a proof-of-reputation
  • Sponsor prizes to be announced. Possible Sponsor prizes include:

  • Best use of blockchain
  • Best use of AI in scientific discovery
  • The reproducibility award.
  • Best research question
  • Best community
  • Best use of data
  • Best use of open source
  • Best science communication
  • Best use of data visualization
  • Mentors & Judges


    About DBDAO

    DBDAO is a protocol for community owned databases.As Decentralized apps will run on decentralized databases, DBDAO makes each database a DAO and each row in a database an NFT. As a database monetizes, those that contributed to it are rewarded. DBDAO is a new protocol to incentivize contributions and allow for structured web3 data to be stored and queried.